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GTJ Super Oil Pump

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The GTJ Super Pump, the best oil pump for all the Jaguar XK 6-cylinder engines from 1948 through 1986, from when we designed the system in 1988 and still the best one today.



The latest in high-performance technology

exclusively from Gran Turismo Jaguar,

And first designed by Lou Fidanza of Gran Turismo Jaguar (GTJ) and Tim Dunn of Solon Manufacturing over 25 years ago and still the best Jaguar XK engine oil pump in the world!

From 1948 through 1976, All 6-cylinder E-types and other models with the same "XK" style engines.

"But, it's the "XK" [all the Jaguar 6 DOHC 6 cylinder engines from 1948 thru 1986] we're talking about, and the last word must go to Lou Fidanza [Gran Turismo Jaguar] . . .”   

—"Andrew Whyte, "Vintage Motorsport", February, 1988.

“Andrew Whyte. . . The World’s Leading Jaguar Historian”

—Paul Skilleter, Jaguar Quarterly (Now known as "JAGUAR WORLD"), Autumn, 1988.

The above, of course, was in reference to GTJ's unbelievable victory at the Sports Car Club of America National Championships in 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, against Paul Newman and the fact that GTJ and driver, Freddy Baker, set lap records and total race time records —  better than EVERY other SCCA National Championship cars including 427 and 454 cubic inch Corvette Champions, Porsche Champions, V12 Jaguar champions, Camaro Champions, 427 Shelby Cobra Champions!  Every sports car or sedan that ever won up to that time was out run by this 6-cylinder Jaguar! 

GTJ's gemlike "Super" wet sump oil pump exemplifies the superior workmanship that we guarantee goes into each of our high performance products.  Fabricated of the highest quality materials and precision-assembled by hand, the "Super" pump, with its attendant modified standard baffle system or soon to be re-intruded Super baffle system, is the culmination of many years of design, engineering, and testing on our own racing Jaguars.  It is the world's only high-pressure, high-output Jaguar 6-cylinder wet sump oil pump.  

Every GTJ Super oil pump is test run at length with oil pressure, oil temperature and rpm denoted on a tag attached to EACH pump for the end users records.  

We believe the GTJ "Super" oiling system belongs on every valuable 6-cylinder Jaguar used for regular street use or one that is driven at speed or modified for competition.

For a modest investment, owners of standard 6-cylinder Jaguars who drive at moderate speeds also will derive a long-term benefit from the greater power output and increased engine life afforded by the installation of the "Super" pump and optional pan baffle.  The reasons are outlined in the accompanying literature.

The Gran Turismo Jaguar name began in 1970, when Lou Fidanza and two partners started and ran an official Jaguar dealer in North-east Ohio.  Later, their expertise in the marque transferred to racing Jaguar E-types and suppling many different Jaguar high performance items.

Now, Lou Fidanza and the "New" Gran Turismo Jaguar LLC is continuing the manufacture of his Super oil pump.  

Sales never ended during the last 25 years, but now after several other business sales, Lou is returning to his first love — creating exciting specialty high quality and high performance products related to his Jaguar racing successes.



The world's only high-output wet sump oil pump system for the Jaguar 6-cylinder engine.

Why you should replace your stock oiling system with the GTJ Special "wet sump" oiling system:

Automotive engineers have determined:

1.  The larger the diameter of the main bearing journals, the higher the oil pressure should be.

2.  The more "leaks" an engine has, the higher the oil pressure should be.

3.  The higher the engine r.p.m., the higher the oil pressure should be.

4.  The more horsepower an engine has, the higher the oil pressure should be.

All Jaguar engines have large bearing journals and lots of "leaks".  "Leaks" are the total of all the engine's crankshaft and camshaft journals.  The well-designed high-performance Jaguar engines have high horsepower and high r.p.m.  Therefore, all high-performance engines REQUIRE HIGH OIL PRESSURE AND FLOW.  Naturally, all expensive Jaguars are assumed to be of a high performance nature and the heart of an engine is its oil pump.  All Jaguar owners should try to have the best oil pump there is for their cars — and the GTJ Super pump is the best!

Read the following document from one of the original oil pump manufacturers!


In the normal (standard) wet sump system the oil is pulled away from the oil pump pick-up tube by the centrifugal forces generated when the Jaguar goes through curves on the highway at speed.  This produces a dangerous drop in oil pressure in fast cornering.

Engineering data from the manufacture of the standard Jaguar oil pump state that the pump actually starts to cavitate in the low 5,000 engine r.p.m. range.  Cavitation is the formation of partial vacuums in a liquid by a swiftly moving solid body, such as the oil pump impeller.  This causes a decrease in the proper oil pressure and flow necessary for the high r.p.m. and resulting power that can be produced by the high-output Jaguar engine, which has MORE than 285 "real" engine dynamometer horsepower.  If this high-output engine is using a standard oil pump, the main bearing swill start to disintegrate within one hour; we have found that you can set your watch by this phenomenon.  Additionally, this standard Jaguar oil pump has a flow rate of only about 12 g.p.m. (gallons per minute) and the Jaguar engine needs up to 24 g.p.m.

Designing a superior oiling system.

A good dry sump system is the best way to maintain high oil pressure and high flow when cornering.  However, most European and North American Vintage race sanctioning bodies disallow the use of a dry sump system in cars that did not come standard with dry sump systems.

When we designed the GTJ Super wet sump oil pump system, we knew that, in order to be competitive, we had to duplicate the dry sump's ability to deliver high pressure and flow without any oil pressure drop in the fast turns.  We used our own superior GTJ dry sump system as the building block.  Unlike the dry sump system, however, which requires many external aircraft lines and tanks, the GTJ Super wet sump system is as compact and self-contained as the standard oiling system.  And it is less expensive than the dry sump system and the engine compartment retains most of its standard appearance.

The GTJ Super wet sump oil pump system produces 110 to 130+ pounds per square inch pressure (7,5 to 9,0 bar) and up to 24 g.p.m. flow.  We have determined, in dynamometer testing and actual on-the-track testing, that this is necessary for the high-output Jaguar engine.  

GTJ's pump is constructed of the highest quality materials.  Aircraft structural aluminum is used for the body pieces.  The drive gear and idler gear shafts are made of chrome moly steel.  The drive gear shaft is retained by roller bearings at each end.  We use one steel gear and one brass gear for the best gear mesh running — more expensive — but way better! 

A fully adjustable oil pressure relief valve system is built right into the oil pump, which from an engineering standpoint, is the optimum place for it.  The stock-type pressure relief valve which mounts on the outside of the engine allows too much air to enter the system.  Optionally, we provide an aircraft-style removable cap for use on the outside of the oil sump with our full baffle system.  Removal of this cap will allow you to adjust the pressure output of the pump easily.

We all know from experience that if a stock Jaguar pump inhales anything other than oil, the outer gear ring breaks or the pump locks up — either way the engine loses a lot of needed oil pressure and flow and soon destroys itself.  And the stock pump is not rebuildable.  GTJ's Super oil pump is extremely durable and can be rebuilt.

10+ UNITS Always in stock.  In constant production for over 25 years.  Jay Leno's Garage has purchased several for his personal collection cars,  They are in the best Jaguar cars all around the world! 

Selling price includes the Super Pump and pipes assembly with flexible aircraft quality stainless steel braided hose.



Pump ONLY,  $995.00 (& FREE Shipping & Insurance within the Continental US)

Pump & Pipe Assemby, $1,895.00  (& FREE Shipping & Insurance within the Continental US)

NOTE:  First sold from our GTJ store in 1988!

We include pics and drawings to vastly improve the standard sump's baffle system.

Limited Lifetime warranty to the original buyer — as always!

Please tell us the year and model of your XK-style Jaguar 6-cylinder engine, 1948 through 1976.

Look for the internet re-introduction of our GTJ Super Baffle System - Coming Soon!

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